Our quality of work shows our pride in what we do and it also earns us the opportunity to build meaningful relationships.

It is through our relationships and quality of workmanship that we are able to continue to provide a strong foundation for our clients to build on. We continue to learn too, each new project affords us a wealth of knowledge that we continue to utilize in each successive undertaking. From start to finish, our goal is always to add value and work under the mutual understanding that we are striving towards the same end: to shape our environment for the success of everyone involved and for that of future generations.

Grande Prairie Fabrication and Pipeline 2020-2021

Shamrock Valley Enterprises Ltd. has had the opportunity to work with several high profile new and long term clients in fabricating piping systems, facility modifications and pipeline activity.

Marten Hills Lease and Lease Road Project  

Located to the East of Slave Lake Alberta in the Marten Hills area.  Shamrock Valley Enterprises has been working with a high profile client in the Oil and Gas Industry building lease roads and lease pads for their extensive well bore and well site project.  The project kicked off in the summer of 2018 and Shamrock Valley has had the opportunity to work with the client through 2019 and into 2020.

Pipeline and Fabrication

Some of the projects performed for one of Shamrock Valley’s Oil and Gas clients in both Alberta and British Columbia, include tying in a 24 well pad which consisted of installing piping modules for rack piping, pigging skids and on lease flow lines.  Another project Shamrock Valley was tasked with was installing 10 km of dual 8″ and 3″ sour gas pipeline and a 4 well pad tie in which required a test separator and installation of process piping.

Class II Landfill

This project highlights our client’s processing plant, where they required 5 new landfills, estimated at over $13 million for groundwork. These landfills were designed to hold their heavy-oil tank cleanings, which reduced their area overhead, operating costs and environmental and safety footprint. By developing their own landfill sites to accommodate their produced sand from their oil well assets in the area, our client significantly reduced costs by not being required to use third-party land-fill sites which required extensive trucking. The reduced footprint by not having truck traffic travelling up to 100km one-way to haul produced solid waste material addressed environmental and safety concerns. Additionally, by having their own sand de-watering area, they can now reclaim any fluids – water and oil – and dispose of or reuse these fluids for their own primary processing. Pre-construction site analysis noted that the geology of the area had significant amounts of smaller diameter rocks that had to be removed during construction of the clay liner. This required a significant labour force, up to 16 people per day, that removed the rocks manually and delivered a quality product that adhered to Alberta environmental standards for Class II landfill construction. In addition, our crew was proactive on weather management – ensuring pumps were positioned and setup in advance to establish exceptional surface water control. With our knowledge and expertise we were able to construct our client’s 5 landfills all within budget and all within 7 days of projected handover dates, thereby adding significant value to their asset base in the area.

Residential Multi-Family

This kind of residential housing is becoming more popular in Edmonton as its overall design is similar to multi-family apartment housing while still offering single family dwelling units with attached garages and sizable square footage. This project started out with a material shortfall and required export and import of materials to bring the site to an engineered grade level. Despite tight quarters, a tight timeline and existing infrastructure including pipelines, homes and roadways we were able to transform this site into a new housing development that is now family ready. This project allowed our client to offer home-buyers significant value while still retaining trendy advantages such as private access, attached garages and green space.

Edmonton Commercial Retail

Situated near the Anthony Henday in Edmonton, this new development was designed for multi-family structures and a commercial retail center. Through careful soil management and compaction methods we were able to redevelop this site to accommodate new development despite it originally having a large imbalance of materials onsite. Constant communication between the engineering consultant and our crew allowed prospective builders to fine-tune the site to their needs during the construction phase thus saving extra cost, double work and time. As with all Shamrock projects, our desire is to fulfill our clients’ goals, exceed their wishes and create a mutual partnership that is centered on working together to accomplish a singular vision.