Quality Assurance & Safety

Quality Assurance

We guarantee our success through two key elements:

The first is that each member of our team has experience in the roles that are subordinate to him or her. This allows each team member to have intimate knowledge of the methods and practices that pertain not only to their role but to each role that is essential on the job site. Our mentorship program is designed to take skilled employees and pair them with workers that are new to each role so that they can be trained through on-the-job experience. These partnerships guarantee that our work is efficient and safe.

Secondly, building on our mentorship program and on-the-job training, is the key element of fostering a team mentality. Our core personnel understand that each project is a group effort and that the project is only successful when the team is successful. Achieving our goals relies on the efforts of each person and their respective role in the group. Through working as a tight-knit team, we can achieve objectives that would not be possible as individuals.

It is through these two elements, our experience and our team culture that we guarantee our success. Our quality control systems ensure that all Shamrock construction activities follow best operating practices and remain consistent in performance and safe in their delivery. We’re proud to have this philosophy at the core of our corporate QA/QC program.


At Shamrock Valley Ent. Ltd. we put the well being and safety of our workers first.  We have developed a front-line safety-driven culture, where all employees are part of making the workplace safer.  Through continuous improvement, our goal is to have zero reportable incidents and enable our workers to return home to their families, happy, healthy, and injury free.

History & Scope:

Shamrock Valley has had a comprehensive Health & Safety program since 1996 and holds a current COR through ACSA. As a company, Shamrock Valley advocates for the environment by using environmentally friendly products and has a recycling program.  Our EH&S program is carefully and systematically managed by our on-line safety management system called SafetySync.

Shamrock’s safety program is supported by the following certifications/affiliations:

  • ACSA
  • ISN
  • Complyworks
  • Avetta
  • ABSA
  • Alberta Transportation
  • Alberta TDG Inspection Division
  • WCB
  • Technical Safety BC

In recent years our safety management system has been audited by and approved by the following clients:

  • Cenovus
  • CNRL
  • Pengrowth
  • Husky
  • BP
  • Devon
  • Pennwest
  • Enbridge

 Management System Features:

Our on-line safety management system gives us the opportunity to communicate information to workers at all hours of the day. It also provides us with real-time tracking and compliance notifications for the following:

  • Tracks all required ACSA protocol training and COR audit requirements
  • Safety Orientation
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Incident/Investigation Reporting
  • Job competency training
  • OH&S Regulations & Codes
  • Emergency Response Planning training

Our electronic system loads and tracks:

  • Tailgate Safety Meetings
  • Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Inspections
  • Incident/Investigation, near miss Reports
  • Certificates
  • SDS
  • Training

In addition to all standard technical requirements, Shamrock promotes an environment of continuous learning with “on the job training” for veteran and new workers through our comprehensive mentorship program.

Safety Implementation

Our program is implemented through our safety department consisting of a Safety Manager, two Safety Coordinators, and two Safety Admin Support Staff.